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Te Atatu,

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    Order and Returns

    Return & Exchange & Refund

    We only accept return, exchange and refund in the case of incorrect shipment of purchased item or faulty product with pre-existing damage caused by the manufacturing process. Such faulty or damage will be assessed and determined by us when the product is back to base prior to any decision on exchange or refund which would be at our discretion.

    It is the customer’s full responsibility to carefully select the product(s) you wish to purchase. We will not accept return, exchange and refund if the customer simply has a change your mind, or made wrong choice or selection on design, size, color, material and product’s intended utilization.

    The expense of returning any item or product back to us will be at the customer’s cost. We will however cover the cost of shipment of the item or product back to the customer. All return, exchange and refund must be applied within 5 working days after the item is received. All returned item must be in unused condition or near new condition if the product is faulty or such terms and conditions shall be voided. The purchased receipt must be attached along with any returned items for proof of purchase.

    Please note TKO Warehouse will not be responsible for any fault or damage caused by the third party’s shipping and delivery process.


    Credit Card / Paypal Refund

    In the event of order cancellation or refund due to any error NOT made or caused by TKO Warehouse, the fee of 2.6% of the total bill, will be charged based on the amount of payment initially made by the customer via such payment methods.

    Please contact us on:

    Tel: +61 431044645 – Monday – Saturday during 8.30pm – 6pm Western Australian Standard time only





    Manufacturing Warranty

    All the primary quality control systems and processes of the item in our stock range, including any special request items, are carried out by the manufacturers at their own facilities up to their own international standards. Although we take great care and do our best in selecting good quality items and products to stock and sell, we are not involved in any way shape or form in such quality control carried out by the manufacturers. Therefore, we will only follow our return, exchange and refund terms and conditions stated above as well as our disclaimer policy in case of any faulty product. Moreover, use of the items and products in any manner other than that for which they were manufactured will void this warranty.

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